Stuff You'll Want to Know.

Unless you are a juicing pro, we figured you would have some questions.

And we’re happy to share with you based on our long, happy and successful experience with cleanses and life changing experiences of our own and a myriad of happy cleansers. While we are not physicians and are not doling out medical advice, we are experts in preventing and reversing disease through optimal nutrition and fitness. We’re thrilled to offer you cutting edge, peer reviewed scientifically researched health in a bottle. It’s hard to argue with kale, apples, carrots, beets and lemons.

What is a Juice Cleanse?

A Juice cleanse is a declaration of commitment to your health! Once you have made that choice, you are ready and on your way to a healthier you! Cleansing is simply a vacation from solid food, if you will. We use juice cleanses to address the impact of accumulated stress and toxins on one’s overall health, allowing a regenerative and recalibrating process to take place in your body. Juice cleansing is the best and safest practice to eliminate toxins while maintaining and rejuvenating your health and energy levels. Our cleanses are NOT about depriving yourself. They are about abundance!

How does a juice cleanse work?

A juice cleanse gives your body a break from digesting food, allowing it to focus its energy on absorbing the nutrients it needs to achieve and maintain optimal health, while purging toxins that have built up over time. Delivering fruits and vegetables in liquid form makes nutrients and enzymes are more easily assimilated into the body.

The more untreated and unprocessed food is, the more readily available its nutrients, making it easier for your body to digest, absorb, and assimilate them. This means that enzymes that are usually being used up by the laborious process of digestion can engage in other metabolic processes in the body, giving you more sustained energy, clarity, and boosting your immune system. Think of it like pressing the reset button on your whole body.

When should I do a Cleanse?

We believe that any time is a good time to cleanse. That said, many people choose to cleanse after holidays or a stressful periods of life, times when we often over-indulge in unhealthy foods, habits, and alcohol. We highly recommend taking one day each week (we recommend Mondays) as a sabbath for your body to recover and rejuvenate.

We believe a 5-10 day cleanse four times a year (at the top of each season) is a beautiful way to promote optimal health.  Cleansing is an excellent practice when you are experiencing prolonged fatigue, headaches, insomnia, depression, allergies, aches and pains, digestive problems, unhealthy skin, or a weakened immune system is optimal. There is never a bad time to press the restart button!

Because we live in a time in which we are constantly exposed to harmful pollutants and toxins, incorporating a cleanse into your lifestyle on a routine basis is vital. But whether you do a cleanse one day per week or once each month, seasonally or once each year, you will certainly be empowered from it and your body will thank you.

How long of a Juice Cleanse should I do?

The length of a cleanse depends on your personal health concerns, goals, and cleansing experience. We offer a 3, 5 and 10 day cleanse at this time. There is much research available that suggests that prolonged cleansing can be beneficial for certain disease processes. If this interests you, you will need to be followed by your physician and we will work in tandem with him/her. If you are unsure how long of a cleanse you would like to do, give us a call and we would be happy to speak with you to find a cleanse and length that best suits your needs.

What is the experience like?

Part of your experience is purely mental, meaning that if you are open to the process and willing to commit, you will be better prepared. A positive attitude and an open mind will go a long way in making the experience pleasant.

Physically speaking, your body is detoxing all the time through your kidneys, liver, skin and GI tract. A cleanse simply kicks the whole process into overdrive. This means that some people (but not everyone) experience detox symptoms like headaches, nausea, dizziness, fatigue, constipation, and skin irritation. But hang in there!  As soon as you’ve passed gently through the possible detox symptoms (3-5 days), you will feel clearer, cleaner and more energetic than you ever thought possible!

Is there anything I should do to prepare for my cleanse?

We recommend that you take three days to eat whole foods (mostly plants) to get your body prepared for your cleansing experience. Focus on vegetables, fruits, legumes, greens, grains, seeds, water and herbal tea. (No caffeine). The “cleaner” your eating style has been, the less detox symptoms you will experience and the faster you will feel the full effect of your cleanse.

What will my Cleanse Day look like?

Upon registering for your Elixir Cleanse, you will receive via e-mail a booklet called, Elixir Juicing 101 which will answer many questions you may have. We will also be emailing you periodically throughout your cleanse to give you helpful tidbits and encouragement. So, please be sure to give us a good email and check your spam!

Here are a few of the basics for those of you who like to prepare ahead.

1.  Your bottles will come in a 6 pack carrying case. It does NOT matter what order you drink these delicious elixirs in. Just be sure to drink ALL of them. We like to start our day with the Lemon Sunrise and finish our day out with the Green Dream. Just drink the next bottle when you begin to get hungry. (About every 2-3  hours).
2.  Continue your normal daily activities but listen to your body.
4.  Plan for extra sleep.  Either go to bed earlier or arrange for a nap! (It’s all a part of the body’s healing process).
5.  Drink only water, herbal tea, coconut water (unsweetened and flavored).
6.  Avoid Caffeine, sugar, all sodas, dairy and alcohol.

What happens after my Elixir Cleanse?

How you handle yourself AFTER your cleanse is just as, if not MORE important than the cleanse itself. It is important that you dive back in slowly! The Juicing 101 booklet that you will receive upon registration for your cleanse will contain many more details. Here’s a quick nod to what you’ll find:

1.  Day 1 Drink more juices, add a smoothie, begin to eat the items that you were juicing. Chew well!
2.  Day 2 Add some cooked veggies and warm vegetable soups to Day 1 menu selections.
3.  Day 3 Continue as before, and begin to add more variety.

Do I need to pickup my Juice Pack every day?

Upon registering for a cleanse, you were given a choice of picking up every day, or every other day. Our Grind and Press X-1 and Norwalk Juicers are the best on the market and will keep your juices nutrient dense for at least 5 days. HOWEVER, that being said, drinking them within 3 days is BEST practice.

Please be aware that juice that remains unclaimed without any notice for 24 hours may be considered forfeited by the purchaser. Yikes! Don’t let it happen.

Sometimes extraordinary circumstances call for special arrangements, in which case please email us so we can work it out. If for some reason you know you’ll have to miss a pick up, let us know by noon the day before and we will wait to make it.

Do I have to have a Green Juice in my Cleanse?

At Elixir we strongly suggest people consume at least 12 ounces of green juice each day while cleansing. Our best selling Green Glow and Postman provide a low-calorie source of minerals, vitamins and chlorophyll in an alkalizing and anti-inflammatory concentration other combinations can’t mimic. Drink your greens!

How do I get a refund?

Sorry, there no refunds. The resources and time it takes to make our amazing cleanses requires us to plan and purchase carefully, and in turn we politely ask our customers to do the same. A Juice Cleanse is not something to do spontaneously unless you know you have the time and the desire.

If you are unsure whether or not you’ll like it, start with a one day cleanse and go from there. Or, stop by the Elixir Juice Therapy Bar in Gold’s Gym for some free samples. Come try before you buy!

We are not responsible for a clash in schedules, or anyone’s dislike of  our delicious juices.  (which leads us to the next question)…

I'm not really a fan of (insert juice name). Can I swap it out?

Well, while we think all of our carefully prepared elixirs are delicious, we realize that everything isn’t always for everybody. So, sure! We really want you to like the juice you’re drinking while on the cleanse.

We have created the perfect option for those of you who would like to create your own custom feast. Check out the Custom Cleanse Option and modify to your heart’s content! We’re thrilled to make it happen for you….just the way you like it!

Am I supposed to drink my juices in any particular order?

There aren’t any rules, per se. It does NOT matter what order you drink these delicious elixirs in. Just be sure to drink ALL of them. We like to start our day with the Lemon Sunrise and finish our day out with our Green Dream. Simply drink your juices slowly about every 2-3 hours.

Am I going to be able to....Function? Exercise? Go to work? Leave the bathroom?

The short answer is, yes!

Doing a cleanse is a powerful health promoting tool. Your organs work very hard every day to clean and rejuvenate themselves ALL the time….but on a cleanse is it magnified! So, depending on the physical condition you came to your cleanse in, it is perfectly normal to feel tired during your cleanse. (Especially in the first 3 days).

If you feel tired, take a 20 minute nap or go to bed early. Your body will thank you. DO NOT drink caffeine or use other stimulants to improve your energy level. It’s like taking a shower with your rain boots on! Go with the process!

Try some other healthy alternatives to improve your energy: Coconut Water, Decaf Green Tea, Blue Green Algae or Ginger/Lemon Shots. These natural stimulants will help increase your physical energy and support focus and clarity.

After 3 days, and almost certainly after 5 days, it is rare to be tired. Most experience an unexplained rush or energy, strength and focus. However, if you are still tired on day three or four, be SURE you are drinking all of your juices. Remember, this is a cleanse, not a fast!



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